Alfabloc in detail

The Alfabloc is a very structurally efficient and versatile concept in design. In the majority of working conditions the Alfabloc units are lowly stressed and provide a robust retaining structure. With granular materials, which generally provide the most onerous loadings, the Alfabloc unit has additional stability generated by the frictional force down the face of the wall.

Experience has shown the units can withstand significant misuse by mechanical plant used to move retained material. However, as with any relatively thin walled concrete structure, they will suffer damage with persistent and negligent striking by mechanical plant.

The foundation for the Alfabloc system is usually the new or existing concrete hard standing onto which stored materials will be contained. The loads imposed by the Alfabloc units are usually no more than the wheel loads imposed by the mechanical plant utilised to move the stored material. Depending on the nature of the stored material the units can be either placed onto the concrete hard standing or bolted into place. To assist in the spread of load horizontally the units are normally fixed together with a steel plate, which also provides a seal to the joints.